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ALRA is dedicated to helping students of all backgrounds and ages to enter the world of live and recorded arts. We offer three types of access provision for students: School/College outreach auditions, regional auditions, preliminary online assessments, collaborative partners and network building.

Widening Participation Strategy


To support our Widening Participation Strategy you can donate. To find out how to do this, please email info@alra.co.uk.

Outreach & Regional Auditions

To ensure that students who can’t afford to travel to Wigan or London for our in house auditions we travel to their college or offer a regional audition. Our strategy for determining which colleges/regions to visit includes highlighting areas of deprivation where there is a low level of engagement in the performing arts. We provide Senior Staff members for ALRA who visit the School/Venue and offer information about accessing higher education, the potential employment opportunities post ALRA as well as a workshop based audition.

We run outreach auditions at venues including the following:

  • Barton Peveril
  • York College
  • Cirencester
  • Generation Arts
  • London Bubble Theatre
  • SGS College
  • Cathedral Academy Wakefield
  • Guernsey College
  • Warrington College
  • Blackpool Sixth Form
  • Loughborough College
  • Blackpool Sixth Form
  • Leicester College
  • Doncaster Little Theatre
  • Newcastle College
  • Read College
  • Nescot College
  • Guernsey College
  • York College
  • Manchester College
  • SGS College
  • Runshaw College
  • Exeter College
  • Cirencester College
  • Cardiff and Vale College
  • Manchester Regional
  • Glasgow Regional
  • Middlesborough Regional

If you would like an ALRA representative to attend a careers or HE event that you run, please get in touch via info@alra.co.uk

Preliminary Online Assessment

ALRA understands the high costs involved for international students wishing to study in the UK who are required to attend an audition. We have a preliminary stage for international applicants, which we hope will result in reduced costs for some of our overseas applicants. Pieces must be recorded and posted to YouTube and a link supplied to the Registrar.

Work will be assessed and if successful students are invited to audition at ALRA in London or Wigan to complete the full audition.

Network Building

We build our networks to access diverse student populations who would not normally be aware of ALRA or the opportunities that our unique training provide.

Through our network building we attend higher education events, run workshops for potential students.

We have been represented at the following conferences and events:

  • Compose Your Future (London and Manchester)
  • The Higher Education Show
  • Theatre Craft Show
  • Brit School Careers and HE Event
  • Music & Drama Education Expo


ALRA demonstrates an exceptionally high record of retaining students between all levels of study with 90% of students continuing to throughout the their courses at high success rates.

Global Majority Working Group

Global Majority Working Group are a committee formed of ALRA students who identify as BAME. They work to enhance their training experience through a co-ordinated, sustained conversation between the board, Senior Leadership and faculty.

You can read more about this group here.