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Widening Participation Strategy

Outreach & Regional Auditions

To ensure that students who can’t afford to travel to Wigan or London for our in-house auditions we can travel to their college under our Outreach Scheme or offer a regional audition.

Our strategy for determining which colleges/regions to visit includes, amongst other factors, areas of low engagement in the performing arts. We send a member of our resident team to deliver a talk on Drama Schools and run a workshop-based audition.

Through our network of contacts in education and arts organisations across the UK, we attend higher education events, deliver training and run workshops for potential students.

We want to make sure that everyone can not only access our unique training but that they can find ways to meet the costs involved from audition and training fees to travel and living costs.

You can help us to achieve this by donating now. All our fee income goes to current students in training. We have never borrowed money or received the kind of grant funding that the Universities are able to access.