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School outreach, drama & performing arts courses

If you have promising, talented drama students that want to have a taste of what really happens at ALRA and what it takes to get through the audition process then please email back with five available dates for us to visit you and we will book a workshop. The workshop will consist of vocal warm-ups, movement, games, work with text and a talk from our Principal or Student Adviser, giving you a first-hand insight into life at ALRA South and ALRA North.

Outreach acting workshops at your school or college (travel costs only)

Our free Outreach programme sees us attend more and more schools up and down the country every year. Are you a drama or performing arts teacher? Do you have promising, talented drama students that want to have a taste of what really happens at ALRA and what it takes to get through the audition process? Then get in touch and book a two hour workshop, which will consist of vocal warm-ups, movement, games, work with text and a talk from a senior member of staff giving you a first-hand insight into life at ALRA South and ALRA North.

Outreach auditions can also be booked alongside the workshop at your school or college but there must be a minimum of 5 students and the audition fee of £45 per student, or the school can pay on behalf of all students.

Students will be told the outcome of their audition, and whether they have been successful no longer than 2 weeks after interview.

Full details of what to prepare can be found here. Also, see our FAQ videos for general advice on drama school auditions.

Inset Course: Drama School Auditions

Teachers and lecturers preparing their students for Drama School auditions are now able to join us on the audition panel for a day to improve the chances for their students at audition. Observe the audition process with the panel, and sit in on detailed discussions about what you've seen. The day ends with an opportunity to discuss the process with senior staff at ALRA.

Maximum places: two per audition day.

For further information or to book an outreach visit for your school, please get in touch.


What people say about our Outreach Auditions:

  • ...We thought the content of the workshop and audition process was good fun and really useful for us all.

    You put the students at ease and they commented afterwards about how much more prepared they would be in the future now, how it wasn’t as scary as they had expected it to be and how they now have some more tips on controlling their nerves!
  • …We’ve been doing this for 13 years and I think we’ve sent ALRA at least one student each of those 13 years! We must be doing something right. …It’s been a really rewarding collaboration over the years, and I’m sure it will continue to develop...

    Once again many thanks for all the effort you’ve put in on behalf of our students, I wish other schools were as proactive in their recruitment - it really does make a difference.

    Talking to the students after Tuesday, the over whelming response was how supportive and relaxed they all felt the process was, whilst still being rigorous and challenging.
  • Your visit to Huddersfield New College to talk to our students was very much appreciated. Students who are applying for courses in performing arts and related fields face a much more complex range of options than most other students.

    We very much appreciated the fact that you were able to offer both a presentation and a practical workshop as together they gave students a real insight into vocational training and education.

    What certainly did come across to students was the reality of the level of commitment and stamina required for this type of programme of study. The feed back from both teaching staff and students was excellent and we would certainly welcome another visit from you in the future.
  • Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for the talk you gave today, I can honestly say it was by far and away the most inspiring and useful talk I have heard since attending college.

    Whilst ALRA was not on the top of my list of drama schools before your presentation, it certainly is now. I feel that if the course shows the level of guidance and professionalism that you showed yourself then it certainly deserves its place amongst the top rankings on any list of drama schools to consider for training.
  • The outreach programme has given our students invaluable help and encouraged them to aim higher. Every year more of our students attain places at Conference Schools and I believe that the visits and master-classes from Adrian Hall have played an enormous part in helping to achieve this success.

    A visit from a drama school makes their future aspirations more real and possible. We have also had a production from ALRA tour here and that performance experience and the time that ALRA students gave ours after the performance to talk and answer questions has been a tremendous motivator!

    It is a relationship which we are grateful for and hope will continue.
  • I just wanted to say thanks so much for setting up the visit by ALRA students to Kirklees College. The students really loved the performance and there's been a lot of talk about the impact of the visit already (we're not even back until Monday!).

    Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to the cast and crew for a well performed and thought-provoking show and also for the generous sharing of thoughts and experiences in the post-show discussion..
  • Her talk was excellent and her workshop was enthusiastically received (1st years have e-mailed me already saying how much they enjoyed it.) As usual, “telling it how it is” is so appreciated; especially at this early stage of their Level 3 training (I love the gasp when an actor’s average annual earnings of £10,000 is revealed J.)

    The video is pitched just right and gives them a real feel of what it’s like to be there. Thank you once again and I am confident that next year we can provide you with many more auditionees from the current 1st Year crop.
  • …The students had a really good day. They found the talk at the beginning really informative… they enjoyed the workshop and considered it to be a good ‘taster’ of a session at drama school.

    They thought it was ‘fun’, enjoyed the ‘physical activity’…The students had a very positive experience and liked your approach to the day. Many thanks once again. …
  • …I think the fact that ALRA came to our college to audition us was brilliant. We all felt so comfortable as we were in an environment that we were used to.

    Of course, it was still nerve-wracking but I really enjoyed it; it was a fabulous experience and lots of fun. I’m so glad I got a place!