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Seat 25 sci-fi film

Seat 25 is a brand new sci-fi feature film which follows the story of Faye Banks, a disillusioned young woman who secretly enters herself into a competition to win a seat on the first manned mission to Mars.

When the trip unexpectedly becomes reality, Faye is subsequently faced with a life-changing dilemma; should she remain with her loved ones on Earth, or embark on the dangerous one-way trip to Mars? Watch the trailer here.

Several ALRA alumni are heavily involved in the cast and creative team of this new production; Nicholas Agnew (Co-writer, Composer and Director), Madeleine Cooke (Co-writer and plays Faye), Stephen Lloyd, Clare Fettarappa (plays Pandora), Amy Newton, Samantha Frost and Alexandra Agnew.

Agnew (Nicholas), Cooke, Lloyd, Newton and Frost all graduated from our Three Year Acting BA (Hons) programme in 2008, while Fettarappa and Agnew (Alexandra) graduated from the same course in 2012.

Seat 25 is set to be released in 2017 and recently received the award for Best Feature Film at the Birmingham Film Festival (BFF) on Sunday, 27th November. The cast also took home two more wins at Raw Science Film Festival 2016 - Best Fictional Feature and Jury Prize for Fiction - and were recognised as the Best British Film at the London Film Awards.

In an official statement about the film, Cooke, who went as far as co-founding her own production company - Lagom Pictures - to ensure the film was made, said:

"It is so important to show under-represented women in the media. Faye is a science enthusiast who has been unable to find a career in her chosen field – something I think a lot of women who want to pursue STEM subjects can relate to,

"Apart from anything else, I wanted to make a film about an empowered woman that I would want to see.

Here's what's being said on social media about the film:

Congratulations to all our alumni involved in this exciting film project, we eagerly await the film's release in 2017.

If you're an alumni and would also like to share your story, please get in touch with us at alumni@alra.co.uk and a member of the team will be able to assist you.