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Tracing Grace at ALRA South Theatre

Follow a young girls journey where not everything is as it seems. Grace, who suffered from encephalitis at just three weeks old, battles to take on the day to day. The world outside her bedroom can be a confusing and complicated place. Family, threading, bowling shoes and jam and cheese sandwiches - a weird combination? All is about to change.

After a successful week long run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival last summer, Tracing Grace is back and will be performed at ALRA by third year students, Annie Eves (writer and director of Tracing Grace), Rosemary Berkon, Abbie Andrews, Amber Hockridge, Kit Edwards, Lucinda Jarvis, James Monckton and Zachary Hart (co-director).

They are all students of our BA Hons in Acting programme at ALRA South and will be graduating from the course later this year.

During an interview about the show, Eves commented:

"Tracing Grace is the true story of a young girl who had encephalitis at just three weeks old. She is now eighteen.

"We are showing the effects the illness has had on her life so far, from not being able to communicate what she wants to say, to the anger pent up within her because she just doesn’t understand.

"We show the family’s point of view particularly through Annie’s eyes (me) and what it all means to her and what she thinks of the whole situation. Our hope is it will be extremely moving and will reach out to anyone who knows someone who has suffered from encephalitis and educate those who don’t... above all it is true and honest."

The production, which has been lauded by the Encephalitis Society, will be running at ALRA South Theatre next week on 16 - 17 February at 7.30pm, as well as at West Yorkshire Playhouse on Tuesday, 7 March. To book tickets or find out more information, send an email to annie@anniealice.com.