Night of the Soul by David Farr

Directed by Hannah Tyrell-Pinder

Night of the Soul by David Farr

A large south coast town. Invisible to all, the ghost of a young woman walks the corridors of a smart modern hotel. The night before his father's funeral a market researcher holes up in the hotel to take stock. Then he sees her...

About the play

A play about loss and redemption, set in a coastal town in the south of England. Francis has returned for his father's funeral. Although the two were estranged, his mother asks him to read a funeral oration, While in his hotel room, he is visited by the sprit of a long-dead chambermaid.

Dates and Tickets Prices

Online advance booking price: £7.50
On the door: £10.00
Doors usually open 10/15 minutes before

  • 27th April at 7.30pm
  • 28th April at 7.30pm
  • 29th April at 7.30pm
  • 30th April at 3.00pm

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27th April 2016

At 7.30pm

28th April 2016

At 7.30pm

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29th April 2016

At 7.30pm

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30th April 2016

At 15.00pm



  • Rebecca Brannan
    as Doreen (Francis’ Mum)

  • Lauren Darbyshire
    as Liz (Francis’ Sister) *

  • Frances Clark
    as Thomas *

  • Morgan Heraty
    as Widow *

  • Amelia Martin
    as Joanna

  • Christopher Maxwell
    as Francis Chappell

  • Taran O’Sullivan
    as Tracey

  • Felicity Seviour
    as Joanna’s Mother **

  • Tom Sidney
    as Businessman ***

  • Nathan Unthank
    as Terry *

  • 1


* Ensemble
** Mrs Wasserman
*** Harry (Francis’ Father)


Mill at the Pier
Trencherfield Mill
Heritage Way

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