DNA & Baby Girl

DNA & Baby girl an ALRA Show

Directed by: James Cartwright

Dates and Tickets Prices

Online advance booking price: £7.50
Doors tickets price: £10.00
Doors usually open 10/15 minutes before

  • From 7th to 9th November at 7pm
  • 10th November at 3pm

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DNA by Dennis Kelly

Adam is gone, presumed dead.Phil, an eccentric teenage mastermind,comes up with a solution.

About the play

Adam is gone, presumed dead. He was last seen teetering on the grille of a deep, disused shaft, a group of bullying teenagers throwing stones at him. They may all be guilty as hell, but they have no intention of getting caught. Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of Phil, an eccentric teenage criminal mastermind who may be a genius or a psychopath, and who comes up with the solution to their little problem.


  • Oliver Aitchison
    as Brian

  • Andrew Irving
    as Mark

  • Sarah Kerr
    as Jan & Lou combined

  • Deborah Oscar
    as Danny

  • Grant Reeves
    as Phil

  • Carla Smith
    as Leah

  • Jake Williams
    as John T

  • Danielle Emmerson
    as Richard

  • Hamish Wyllie
    as Boy / Adam

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Baby Girl by Roy Williams

Pregnant at 13.Grandmother at 26.

About the play

Baby Girl argues that there is a cyclical pattern to teenage pregnancy. Samantha, 26, has a 13-year-old daughter, Kelle, who herself gets carelessly pregnant by a boy she does not even like.


  • Tyler Brooks
    as Nathan

  • Katherine Cusack
    as Josie

  • Rochelle Hamilton
    as Yvette

  • Arkar Hayne
    as Richie

  • Gemma Kenny
    as Kelle

  • Heather McAlpine
    as Samantha

  • Amy Dier
    as Danielle

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This amateur production of DNS is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

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