To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee’s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Christopher Sergel

Directed by Dee Evans
by Harper Lee

Harper Lee’s classic story of a child’s view of racism and justice in 1960’s America.

About the play

Harper Lee’s classic story of a child’s view of the law and racial tension in 1950’s/60’s America. Lee’s story was an immediate hit in 1960 and has a lasting charm. With its central themes of heroism and justice the play captures both the era and the subtleties of the novels characters.

Dates and Tickets Prices

Online advance booking price: £7.50
On the door: £10.00
Doors usually open 10/15 minutes before

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16th March 2016

At 7.30pm

17th March 2016

At 7.30pm

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18th March 2016

At 7.30pm

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19th March 2016

At 15.00pm



Mill at the Pier
Trencherfield Mill
Heritage Way


  • Jordan Akkaya
    as Bob Ewell

  • Frances Clark
    as Scout

  • Danielle Dawson
    as Maudie Atkinson

  • Brianna Douglas
    as Calpurnia

  • Sam Hotchin
    as Boo Radley

  • Jamie Kooij
    as Judge Taylor

  • Sophie King
    as Reverend Sykes

  • Elliot Lloyd
    as Heck Tate

  • James Magill
    as Walter Cunningham *

  • Amelia Martin
    as Mrs Dubose

  • Rebecca Milner
    as Mayella Ewell

  • Alex Noblett
    as Dill

  • Rosie O’Neil
    as Stephanie Crawford

  • Michael Peace
    as Jem

  • Tom Sidney
    as Atticus Finch

  • Salim Sai
    as Tom Robinson

  • 1

* also Mr. Gilmer

Harper Lee

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